Feminised or Regular Cannabis Seeds

If you’re a beginner the first thing to learn is that cannabis seeds are available in both feminised and regular varieties. This simply means that with a feminised seeds you will end up with a female plant and with a regular seed you’ll end up with a mixture of male and female, usually 50/50 of each.

Most growers only want the females so it’s a simple choice right? Get the fems?

To a certain extent that would be right, but but if what you’re looking for is the very best plant genetics you should be buying regular seeds.

The reason for this is that with a regular seed there is more extreme variation in phenotypes in the seed stock. This makes it much more likely that you will find an exceptional cannabis plant that will show elite features like huge yields or be extra frosty. They also tend to have less hermaphroditic tendencies so will deal with stress better.

Add this to the fact that a great father plant produce almost limitless seeds when paired with a female and we think those with experience should take things up a notch by saying goodbye to fem seeds.Sexing can be done early once you have an eye for it  and you may want to keep that vigorous,late showing male,

Female seeds do have their place, particularly for beginners, and they can produce great plants too. True Breed Seeds are happy to stock a great range of female seeds from great breeders that will produce fantastic plants, we just think that for those elite finds you’ll want to buy regular.

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