Our Mission at True Breed Seeds Cannabis Seedbank

True Breed Cannabis Seedbank was born from frustration with the current souvenir marijuana seeds scene in Europe. True Breed felt that some European cannabis breeders were resting on their laurels and was casting an envious eye on the North American scene, where legislation is moving forward and progressing quickly.

True Breed Seeds don’t like to be left behind, maybe we have repressed abandonment issues, maybe we don’t, but we felt like the scene certainly needed a a push in the right direction with wonderful breeding work happening with a new wave of breeders not only in the US but all over the world and Britain lagging behind a little.

True Breed Seedbank is set up to be a hub for the best new breeders to showcase their work. Inspired by the work of breeders like Topdawg, Bodhi, Karma, Gage Green and Cannarado we have set about on a mission to bring the best cannabis seeds into the UK for on behalf of the seed hunters who struggle to find these rare gems.

Our hope is that we are part of a push that wakes the sleeping giants of European breeding and pushes them onto new heights. By building relationships with upcoming breeders from around the world we hope not to become a huge seed bank but just to revitalise and provide something new for our customers.

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