Quick, Easy, Cheap Way to Buy Bitcoin

Currently you can use card payments on our site without problems, our prefered method of payment however is bitcoin.

Bitcoin can seem daunting to use at first but if you follow or guide you’ll be sorted in no time. Our guide isn’t the only way to do it but rather than give you loads of options I’ll just give you a¬†two step guide and you’ll be paying in BTC in minutes.

  1. Register at Coinbase. You can either google them, or use my affiliate link here (we both get a few quid if you use it). Either way, once you are in, click on buy/sell, add a card (fees are currently 3.99%) and buy some BTC. When buying I would recommend getting 10% extra to deal with miscalculations and currency fluctuations.
  2. Once you’ve bought your BTC, come to the website and checkout as usual using Bitcoin as the payment option. You’ll be shown an address (looks like a random sequence on letters an numbers.
  3. Go back to Coinbase, click on Send/Request and paste the address we gave you into the box. Type the amount of BTC you wish to send, hit send and you’re done!

It’s that simple. Just follow the instructions and you’ll never look back.

Let me know how you get on in the comments section

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