True Breed Seeds’ philosophy when stocking seeds

At True Breed Seeds we aim to have the best genetics available and in stock but what does this mean in practice?

Well it would be very easy for us to sell all the best sellers from all the big seedbanks, much easier in fact than what we do, which is research and source only the best cannabis seeds. There’s a wealth of information online about marijuana breeders and their products and it quickly becomes apparent that some reputations are built on hype and some are built on results.

Many of the biggest cannabis seed companies are, in our opinion, resting on their laurels and living of their names alone, quality is sliding resulting in a dilution in the cannabis gene pool.

This is something we would like to remedy in our own small way. We offer an option for cannabis seed buyers to buy from a company who has integrity and won’t stock weed seeds from companies who aren’t at the leading edge in their field.

This means a good balance of small and large scale breeders with a focus on quality and strong genetics. It wouldn’t be true to say that only small breeders care, about quality, some of the big names are investing huge amounts of money and man hours into finding incredible parent plants to work with, we recommend you check out genefinderog on Instagram for an idea of the work that’s happening over in the states at the moment.

That said, it’s also true that smaller cannabis breeders can offer a greater level of attention to detail and their smaller batch size can mean a greater focus on quality.

Due to changes in the legality of cannabis in the USA, True Breed Seeds seedbank currently recommends quite a few US based breeders but we have a keen eye on European breeders, in particular the new wave of breeders out of Spain and the Netherlands.

It;s an exciting time for this special plant, and we want to be at the cutting edge in our own pocket of the industry.

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