Digital Genetics arrive at True Breed Seeds

A new breeder is added to our range today and it’s one we are happy to finally have listed. Digital Genetics hail from Canada and have been pulling our the stops to create a great range of seeds.

We love their effort and dedication, when you see their levels of professionalism you can be sure that their breeding is on point, Their test results back this up and show a real quality product.

Recent tests on their seeds on an outdoor grown crop showed THC levels of:

  • Snowfire Isis Kush 27.2%
  • GrapeSnowTrain 25%
  • Digital Dream 22.6%
  • The White Star 21.4%
  • SnowBerryBlue 20.1%
  • AlbinoFireSkunk OG 19.8%
  • WhiteFireWidow OG 19.6%
  • The Wifi Connection 19.2%

Excellent results for an outdoor crop. You can buy the Digital Genetics range now at True Breed Seeds for a great price, collectors should grab them while they’re still cheap because we believe Digital Genetics are heading to the upper echelons of the cannabis world.


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