Are Cannabis Seeds a Good Investment?

Collectable items are often considered good investments and recently cannabis seeds have shown that they can multiply in value very quickly. Packs often sell for prices in the thousands, I recently watched an auction take place on Instagram with packs of seeds selling for over £10k.

Why would people pay that much for seeds? Well there’s a gold (or green) rush happening in the USA at the moment and one of the most prised assets is breeding stock. Male plants are worth far more than their weight in gold to a good breeder and one solid male can build a reputation and create a seed company. £10k could be seen as a drop in the ocean once that stud is crossed. If you’re going to invest in seeds you should be aware of this, buying feminised seeds won’t see the same returns.

To effectively invest there are many factors to consider, first and most importantly is how good the genetics are to start with. Nobody is going to pay thousands for a mass produced bunch of seeds with poor genetic capabilities while they remain viable, look for limited releases from top quality breeders. Most people don’t hang onto their seeds from long and once the parent stock is lost those seeds will become irreplaceable. Even a couple of years down the line they could be worth 10 x the price you bought them for and once legalisation spreads across the world there’s no telling how much those lost strains will be worth.

You may even already be sat on a goldmine. If you still have a pack of the original dutch hazes, sensi star, skunk, widow, etc…. so rare to see these original packs from the dutch scene and breeders would pay a high price if they were available.

I’m not going to speculate on which strains will be worth the most but anything that’s close to current breeding stock is a good bet. A good example would be Exotic Genetix Startfighter IBL, The Cube. Given a limited release last year it’s gone on to quadruple in value already, less than a year on, considering that the original release was priced at £400 per pack that’s a tidy amount.

If you do buy seeds for investment purposes it’s important to store them responsibly, we refrigerate our seeds in a secure unit and they are only brought out when sold. Over time we have found this to be an effective way of storing but do your own research and certainly try to protect them from temperature swings and sunlight.

Overall, if you’re wise about which seeds you buy I think they are an excellent investment, just don’t expect to keep your generic skunk fems for 5 years and them to be worth something. They won’t be. Your limited Bodhi release might just be worth hanging on to though.



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