How to Buy Bitcoin and Pay with them – Step by Step

Buying bitcoin is very easy these days. It also has several advantages over traditional bank payments, especially when dealing with cannabis related products.

I like to promote their use on our site, it makes paying breeders easy, , keeps their money safe and it stops the card processors from getting their hands on hands on chunks of our sales (We offer a standard 10% discount for choosing bitcoin so we get . It’s a little extra work as they need to be bought off site but it means you can put whatever name and address you like on the order to protect your privacy and saves you some cash too.

i’m going to try and show a simple way of buying bitcoin with your card and how to buy seeds with them on our site, hopefully this will show how easy it is and in particular help our US customers who struggle to find seedbanks who will take card payments.

Step one – Open a Coinbase account

Coinbase is a mainstream, easy to use bitcoin site that lets you use your card to buy bitcoin instantly. There’s plenty of other sites that do similar things but Coinbase is just super straight forward. Click this link:. and then hit the “register” button. You’ll need to upload ID but it’s a quick system and bitcoin is completely legal so there’s nothing to worry about.

Step two – Buy some bitcoin

Hit the buy/sell button in the corner and you’ll come to this screen:

Self explanatory really, you just type the amount of bitcoin you want to buy into the box and hit “buy”….You have your Bitcoins. Easy.

Step three – Sending bitcoins to your wallet (optional)

From here you can simply send them straight to your chosen site to pay but if you want to keep hold of them for a while you might want a bitcoin wallet to keep them in, I use one called Mycelium just seems fitting :), you can download the app for your phone and it’s easy to use, try it, you’ll be given a passphrase that you should write down (or take a screenshot of if you’re lazy)

Open your wallet app, and you’ll be greeted with a screen like this:

The random looking numbers are your bitcoin wallet’s address, this is where you send you coins to, its a bit like sending money to an email address with paypal, you just copy and paste that address to send from wallet to wallet.

Hit “Receive” and the app will let you copy the address to your clipboard, now to send your bitcoin from Coinbase to your wallet all you need to do is paste the address into the box shown below and hit send.

The transfer can take about 20 minutes so don’t panic if they don’t appear straight away, you’ll also be charged a tiny amount for the transfer, usually about 5p, much cheaper than an international transfer.

That’s it, the coins will be in your wallet, again simple once you’ve done it a couple of times.

Step four – Paying for your seeds

You have your bitcoins and you know how to transfer them, paying is just the same. On our site, once you’ve ordered you just choose Bitcoin as the payment method and you’ll see this screen:


Just copy and paste the address and amount (or use the QR code) into Mycelium or Coinbase and hit send. That’s it, you’re done, once the transfer is complete we send the seeds.

I hope this is an easy to use guide but if there’s anything that’s not clear just ask and I’ll be happy to help.

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